Dovie Elliott Celebrates Birthday 102

By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland –Nevis-The historic Golden Rock Hotel, was the venue for a brief ceremony on Monday 10th July 2017.

On that day, Ms. Albena ‘Dovie’ Elliott of Webbe’s Ground in Gingerland, celebrated her 102nd birthday.

Not a person for fanfare, Ms. Elliott seemed to be a reluctant participant on the day, but her family celebrated her nonetheless.

The proceedings were ably chaired by her granddaughter, Ms. Paula Elliott. She indicated that the choice of venue for the celebration, was significant, because in her early working years, her grandmother worked in that same area, at the time referred to as ‘Jackshill’. She worked then in the Cotton industry.

The idea was for the venue to bring back memories of those good old days to the celebrant.

The well known chorus ‘Thanks,’ was sung by all present and then Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, read a glowing profile of Ms. Elliott. The profile spoke to her contributions to the community, in terms of her work in farming and the raising of children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

Her constant references to Psalm 91, was also mentioned, as a guide for her life.

He then presented her with a fruit basket, complements of his Ministry and the City Drug store. He was ably assisted in this regard by Ms. Trudy Prentice, of the Social Services department.

The celebrant was then serenaded with the use of the birthday song by her great niece, Ms. Leona Freeman.

The celebrant declined the offer to say something, but special mention was made of the beautifully decorated cake, which was done by Ms. Grace Elliott, that reflected colours that highlighted the life of the celebrant, as explained by Paula.

The green, for the greenery in the Jackshill area where she previously worked; the white for the cotton she picked; a replica of some of the buildings at Golden Rock and the yellow for the flowers.

Ms. Trudy Prentice then offered a prayer of blessing for the celebrant and for the meal that was provided.

Everyone again joined in lustily and sang the chorus, ‘Thanks.’

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