Dr. Glenville Liburd dismisses rumors- NIA launches investigation into Jones’ alleged denial of care at the hospital

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(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)– Ever since the murder of Nevis’ fourth murder victim, Wilson ‘Hawk’ Jones there have been much concern from the community about the state of the health care system in Nevis. Rumours have been circulating the in media accusing a well known doctor of refusing to treat Jones while he was a patient at the Alexandra Hospital.

In an effort to quell the rumors and to protect his good character and name, Chief anesthesiologist at the Alexandra Hospital, Dr. Glenville Liburd appeared on ‘The Breakfast Menu’, a radio program on Choice Radio on Thursday, November 20, 2014 with host ‘Chef Waltie’.

Dr. Glenville Liburd
Dr. Glenville Liburd

Dr. Liburd used the occasion to dispel the rumors that he had refused to care for a patient who had been shot and needed serious medical attention.

It was rumored that the murdered victim had robbed the doctor at his Ramsbury Site home at gun point some time previously; and as a result the doctor had refused to treat him at the Alexandra Hospital.

It was also said that the doctor refused to touch the young man because of a broken ventilator.

On the radio program, Dr. Liburd dismissed all allegations made by persons who accused him of such behavior. He stated that he never refused to give the victim care. Liburd further stated the initial care was provided, after the patient was taken to the operating room. He further indicated that proper procedure was followed to ensure all components were in place so that the operation could be conducted safely.

The doctor also noted that he did not know the shooting victim but only knew of his family traits. “I don’t understand who can fabricate such lies. I have never been held at gunpoint; and up to this present moment we still do not know who broke into our Ramsbury residence so all these were fabricated lies”, he stated. He further stated, that he have trained the nursing staff on certain Intensive Care procedures and how to deal with critical patients.

Doctor Liburd also dismissed the allegations made against him that he demanded money before providing his services. He stated, “That is a total fabrication”.

When asked about the ventilators at the Alexandra Hospital Liburd replied, “There are two ventilators in the ICU and because of inadequate maintenance they have gone into dysfunction. I can recall of an incident some time ago when a patient got into an accident and was placed on a ventilator which then “cranked out” and the patient, once stabilized was transferred to the hospital in St.Kitts”.

In closing Dr. Liburd reiterated that he did not deny the patient care.

Wilson 'Hawk' Jones
Wilson ‘Hawk’ Jones

However, the Ministry of Health in the Nevis Island Administration issued a press release (Nov. 19, 2014) indicating that the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration had agreed with a recommendation from the Ministry of Health, to appoint an independent investigator in the matter concerning the shooting death of Wilson ‘Hawk’ Jones.

The release further stated that the Ministry is “aware of various news items touching and concerning the tragic death of Mr. Wilson Jones of Brown Pasture, Nevis and wishes to assure the Nevisian public that our hospital staff remain deeply committed to the care of our people and the provision of quality healthcare to all who call Nevis home”.

The release also stated that the circumstances surrounding Jones’ death were being investigated to ensure the necessary information was factually ascertained; and would be shared with his family and the public.

“To this end,” the statement read, “the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration has today agreed with a recommendation from the Ministry of Health, to appoint an independent investigator in this matter.”

The terms of reference of the investigation sought to have a full investigation undertaken of the circumstances surrounding Jones’ death; and to make recommendations where necessary to ensure that the process and procedures employed at the Alexandra Hospital concurred with international best standards.

The Ministry took the opportunity to express sincere condolences to Jones’ Family.

An autopsy performed on Jones body confirmed that he dead from gunshot injuries to the chest.

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