Dwayne Decosta Stars in Independence Meet

By:Curtis Morton

There was a fair sized crowd at the St. James’ raceway on Sunday 18th September, to witness the annual Independence Drag racing event.

It was obvious that the Drag racing fans were enthused as the sport had become dormant for quite a number of months, as rehabilitative work was conducted at the track.

Some 23 cars were registered for the event, representing host Nevis; St. Kitts and Anguilla.

Announcer Lester Liburd, was quick to point out that the three islands were previously a federated state and now here they were, united in promoting the sport of Drag Racing.

Apart from the exhilarating performances on the new look track, there was also a stunning display on motorbikes by a group of cyclists from St. Kitts.

 The top placements in the various categories were as follows:

10 seconds:

Dwayne Decosta of St. Kitts-$1,400.00

11 seconds

Felix Smithen of Nevis-$1,200.00

12 seconds:

Rease Bailey of Nevis-$900.00

14 Seconds:

Anneliese Leibrandt of Nevis-$500.00

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