ECD $40,000 fine handed to Pia Nisbett

By Monique Washington

Over one year after, Ms. Pia Nisbett of Spooner’s Village, St. Kitts was found with cocaine. This week, she learnt her fate for the crime, as imposed by a Magistrate in St. Kitts.

Nisbett took responsibility for being found with cocaine at the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport in St. Kitts and pleaded guilty to a number of charges in 2016.

On May 1, 2016, it was alleged that Nisbett had 0.23 kilograms of cocaine after disembarking a LIAT flight. The drugs were discovered after a search was conducted on her luggage. The drugs were found in her underwear. Nisbett was charged on May 4, 2016, for importation of cocaine, possession of cocaine and possession with intent to supply.

Nisbett faced the Magistrate this past week and pleaded guilty on all charges. She was convicted and fine ECD $40,000.00 to be paid in ten (10) months, or if in default, she will serve one (1) year in prison.

No additional penalty was given for the remaining charges.


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