Economic Performance matters with the NRP

Charlestown, Nevis (Thursday, July 7th 2016) The Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), the Hon. Joseph Parry told listeners to Freedom FM radio that, “The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) is alive and well!”

Mr. Parry who led the Nevis Island Administration from 2006-2013, told listeners that persons may not hear the NRP often in the media but, “We are observing what is taking place here on Nevis. It is sometimes best to watch and let people make their mistakes and give the government a chance to demonstrate that they can run or not run an administration properly. We are here today to inform people at home and abroad of the economic decline in Nevis under the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) and what use to happen under the Nevis Reformation Party”, stated Parry.

When the Nevis Reformation Party was in government they inherited an economic decline that crippled a number of global nations. In addition to that, the biggest employer on the island the Four Seasons Resort closed down. Instead of the NRP folding their hands, they began the makings of a stimulus package which gave work to a number of Nevisian residents.

“In light of these two challenges the NRP did not back down and do nothing. I, as the then Premier along with the Four Seasons Housing Association began talks and court proceedings to get the Four Seasons Resort up and running again in Nevis, owners abandoned the hotel and the bank took over ownership. We got the Federal government to get a lawyer to go to the United States and fight for the residents of Nevis and keep the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis open. One does not get elected and do nothing…you perform,” commented Parry.

According to the Former Premier, the Nevis Reformation Party led Administration received financial assistance from Social Security and the St.Kitts Nevis National Bank to move forward with the stimulus package. The government of the day gave work to many residents on the island as they built community centers, reconstructed roads, built homes, and refurbished the St. Thomas’ primary school and the Charlestown Secondary school.

A variety of things were done to ensure that people got work and the country could strive economically.

Parry concluded, “This is what I want the people of Nevis to understand, we were pro active to get the economy going as we were elected by the people to do so and we did it!

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