The Emmanuel Caines Football summer program, concluded at the St.Thomas’ Primary School on Friday 22nd April.

The program was chaired by Emmanuel Caines Richards himself and he took time out to ‘big up’ the sponsors of his program, which is in its 12th year.

In doing an overview of the program, Richards noted that the participants had been all taught the basic skills of Football which included: Passing, receiving, controlling and shooting the ball.

He admonished them to take their learnt skills back to their respective schools for the upcoming new term and not use them to show off but to teach them to their fellow students.

A representative from one of the sponsors, The Bank of Nevis, Mrs. Sherlita Byron, took time out to congratulate Mr. Richards on what he is doing for the young people. She also told the participants that she was very impressed to see that they involved God in their daily activities as she observed them being involved in devotions, prior to the start of the day.

She asked them to put God first and foremost in all things.

She indicated that her institution is pleased to be a firm supporter of the program for the past seven years and vowed its continued commitment.

She also used the opportunity to urge the participants to become involved with Bank’s young savers plan.

One of the members of the program’s support staff, Ms. Shinelta Clarke did the vote of thanks and then the participants tested their newly acquired skills against each other on the field of play, in an intriguing match during which both teams held their own and no goals were scored

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