Eddy Caines –Richards Summer Camp Underway

By:Curtis Morton

Monday 10th July 2017 was a significant day in the life of youth footballers on Nevis.

On that day, at the St. Thomas’ Primary School, the annual Eddy Caines-Richards summer Football camp, officially got on the way.

The invocation was delivered by Mrs. Janice Richards who also chaired the proceedings and the National Anthem was sung by all.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Richards noted that the program is in its 13th year. She pointed out that Mr. Richards sometimes wonder if he can go another year but as he thinks of the young footballers, he is committed to go.

Eddy Richards in his brief remarks noted that it was indeed a milestone to get to year number 13.

He indicated that it all started in 2003 when himself and Carl Tuckett decided to do something for the children. Tuckett dealt with Cricket and he led out with Football.

He also thanked the many sponsors who have supported the program over the years.

He noted that the program will help to eliminate the formation of negative gangs and general deviant behaviour.

He pointed to the skills and values that the children can learn during the program.

Also addressing the gathering was Minister of Social development Mrs. hazel Brandy-Williams who commenced her address by lauding the efforts of Janice Richards in supporting her husband with the program.

She stated that 13 years is no easy feat and ask for a round of applause for Mr. Richards. She lauded his patience and ‘stick-to-itiveness’ and understanding in dealing with so many children at the same time.

She further committed her Ministry’s unwavering support to such partners and stakeholders who assist in building the sporting disciplines on the island.

She also complimented the many sponsors who have assisted in the maintenance of the program.

Mr. G. Sydney Newton, Manager of the Nevis Credit Union, one of the sponsors, also made brief remarks.

He thanked Richards and his team for bringing together so many youths from across the island who inevitably will make new friends.

He stated that when he was growing up, h had friends in every village and there was no need for fights and injuries etc.

He stated that the Nevis Credit Union has been involved in the program for more than twelve years.

He also used the opportunity to speak about the workings of the Credit Union.

Mrs. Shinelka Nisbett then delivered the vote of thanks.

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