Eddy Richards Football Summer Camp Update

The Eddy Richards Football summer camp is well into its first week and it has attracted some sixty participants.
On Thursday 18th July, Eddy Richards, in giving an update indicated that the children have been separated into specific groups, based on their ages and specific skill sets are being taught to them.
He singled out one of the volunteer coaches, Ishan Smithen for special praise, noting that he attended the program as a little boy and has returned every year to assist him, now in the role of a coach.
Kel Williams as a female coach, has been with the program for many years and is now one of the backbone members of the coaching staff and is always dependable.
Meanwhile, former track star for the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, Alexandria Richards, who indicated that she is no longer doing track, due to injury, has joined the coaching staff and noted that this will definitely help her in her quest to become a Physical Education Teacher.
Some of the brave participants also spoke to the media on that day and were all elated about the program and indicated that they are learning a lot about the game of Football.
Those who will be playing in the upcoming Primary Schools’ Football tournament in the new term, all appear confident that they will lead their respective schools to victory, this time around.

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