Education minister reports on ‘Back to School’ next week

ANGUILLA–Students in Anguilla will return to school on Monday, May 11. Minister of Education Cora Richardson-Hodge said that Education officials have been hard at work dealing with all that is needed to get the children back to school safely. She said that many meetings have been held with health officials and parents in making decisions about the return to school. Some grades in the primary schools and some forms in the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School will remain in the online classroom environment for the time being.

“I know parents are anxiously awaiting word as to how school will be rolled out on 11th May 2020. It is a disconcerting time, as we in Anguilla see what is happening in the world around us as well as our own circumstances,” she said. She reported that last week the Ministry and Department of Education hosted a series of Zoom meetings for students and parents to get their views as to the online classes that were held and their thoughts on education during the next weeks and months.Read More…

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