Election of a Prime Minister of a country is very serious business

Roseau, Dominica (September 16, 2013) — Roosevelt Skerrit told Dominicans on radio and Internet broadcast on Sunday while addressing his Dominica Labour Party’s delegates conference that it is time for Dominicans to consider the choice of the next Prime Minister. He said that the job as Prime Minister is “serious business”:

“You, the patriots of Dominica, must start from now, to discuss and arrive at the criteria for nomination and election of a Prime Minister.

Let us, sons and daughters all of Dominica, pause for a moment and reflect first on the office we are called upon to fill.

I am no lawyer…I am no constitutional expert…but I consider it very important, indeed, critical, that this national audience, comprising Labour party supporters assembled here at Point Michel and thousands of a-political persons following this broadcast live on the video and audio streams, to be sensitized to the very serious, salutary functions and responsibilities of a Prime Minister.”

PM Skerrit stated further:

“The Prime Minister selects the Cabinet of ministers. He chairs the Cabinet of ministers. He advises and guides the Cabinet of ministers. Even though there are several ministers and ministries, the Prime Minister has ultimate responsibility for the administration and output of each portfolio.

On many occasions the Prime Minister has to act as mediator and final arbiter. He must have a working knowledge of everything going on in every single department of governmental activity and operation.

Additionally, the Prime Minister is chief steward of the country. His is the voice and face of the country in meaningful international fora. He advises on the appointment of every major post in the country.

He is part of the appointment process of the Chief Justice of the East Caribbean Supreme Court, the Governor of the East Caribbean Central Bank, the Director General of the OECS and the Secretary General of CARICOM; among other regional and international multilateral organizations.

If there are industrial disputes, when all else fails, it is to the Prime Minister that the matter is ultimately referred, for mediation and resolution.”

Prime Minister Skerrit is expected to lead the Party into its fourth consecutive bid for Office at the nation’s next Election. The major opposition United Workers Party Party recently selected a new leader, Lennox Linton, a controversial radio talk show host to vie for Skerrit’s job.

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