Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School Graduation 2016

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull


(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School under its theme, “Take the Initiative to Finish the Game” held its annual graduation at the United Pentecostal Church on Monday, July 4, 2016, under the distinguished patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Pollard.

As the parents, guardians and teachers looked on in the crowded church, 11 students walked down the aisle to commence their graduation exercise.

The church’s Pastor, Mr. Cecil Bartlette invoked God’s presence. This was followed by the National Anthem.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mrs. Shelly Liburd said that she was grateful for the trust bestowed upon him to chair such a significant occasion. She said, “I want to say to the school and its staff that I am quite elated with the confidence you have showed in me at this time”. She also encouraged the graduates to keep striving for utmost heights bearing in mind that the sky is the limit.

Ms. Shenelle Pemberton, Principal at the school delivered the annual report. She told the gathering that the school had made great stride over the past year. She also expressed heartfelt thanks to the people who contributed significantly to the school. She stated, “There are some people that have played a part in everything conducted by the school whether it is Sports Day, or PTA Meetings and I want to thank them publicly for the sacrifice they have made”. In conclusion she noted that the school’s motto of “Forward Ever Backward Never” should always be maintained.

Pastor Ron Daniel delivered the feature address. He told the students that in order for them to finish the game and be successful they must have a plan. Daniel noted that it does not matter how good a cricket team is, if proper planning is not done they would never win matches. Daniel also had some of advice for the graduates when they move on to Secondary School. He said, “You will have to choose your friends very wisely and know who to keep conversations with as this could determine how far you reach in life.

Daniel encouraged the children to stay away from gangs, guns and ganja. He told the children, they will be called all kinds names such as ‘stupid and foolish’ when they stay away from idle company even if they are in 1A1. He pointed out to them, that the same people, who might try to pull them down now, might be the same set to sing their praises in five years time. He told the students they need to stay focus. In conclusion, he indicated that it was the great Nelson Mandella who said, “It is education that can make a peasant son be the president of any nation”.

The Valedictory Speech was given by Kyanja Boddie.  He noted that he was proud of what and his fellow graduates and himself had achieved during their tenure at the school. He also commended past and present teachers for instilling good ethics and values in them, and said that without their hard work, they would not have been the students they are today. Kyanja also praised his parents for giving him good guidance, and for always giving him hope when things seemed hopeless. In conclusion, he said that the lessons taught and learned at the school will remain with him throughout his life.

The distribution of gifts and certificates were made by the Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Pollard while the vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Violet Jones.

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