Emerald Azzurra Makes Inaugural Call to Nevis on Its Maiden Caribbean Cruise

Nevis Tourism team welcomes the Emerald Azzurra’s inaugural visit to Nevis on February 27, 2024 (l-r) Ms. Tracey Frazer, NTA officer; Mr. John Hanley, Permanent Secretary of the NIA Ministry of Tourism; Captain Julian Burgess, Master of Emerald Azzurra; Mr. Pheon Jones, NTA Marketing and Sales Director; and Ms. Ineata France, NASPA Human Resources Manager

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS – Emerald Cruise’s luxury ship, the Emerald Azzurra, made its inaugural call to the island Nevis on Tuesday, February 27, during its maiden sail to the Caribbean.

The 100-passenger capacity luxury vessel docked in the waters off Charlestown, bringing 62 passengers and several crew to the island’s shores.

Emerald Cruise’s luxury ship, the Emerald Azzurra, anchored off Charlestown on its inaugural call to Nevis on February 27, 2024

During a welcoming ceremony onboard the ship in the Amicci Lounge, Mr. John Hanley, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), presented Captain Julian Burgess with a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

“We welcome you to Nevis, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Nevis is full of very friendly people and we are very glad to have you here.”

Mr. Pheon Jones, Marketing and Sales Director for the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) also presented Captain Julian with a commemorative gift and welcomed the Captain, crew, and passengers to Nevis.

“I am very pleased and happy that the Emerald Azzurra decided to come to Nevis. Tourism is our main economic driver and once ships and vessels come we are happy to display our tourism product. I want to encourage a lot the passengers to disembark the ship and come to Nevis, take a walk in historic Charlestown, visit Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace, take an island tour, and indulge in all of the exciting activities that we have to offer,” he said, extending an invitation to Captain Julian and all the passengers to vacation in Nevis in the future.

Ms. Ineata France, Human Resources Manager at the Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) also welcomed the visit by presenting Captain Burgess with a commemorative plaque.

Captain Julian disclosed that in addition to the inaugural call for the Emerald Azzurra, it was also his first visit to Nevis, and he was excited for the opportunity to experience the island.

Captain Julian Burgess, Master of Emerald Azzurra (r) presents commemorative plaquette to Mr. John Hanley, Permanent Secretary of the NIA Ministry of Tourism (l) and Mr. Pheon Jones, NTA Marketing and Sales Director (c) to mark the ship’s inaugural visit to Nevis on February 27, 2024

“Thank you to everyone for a very warm and heartfelt welcome. It is a pleasure as Master of Emerald Azzurra to be here today for our maiden call into Nevis and I’m very confident and excited that our guests are going to have a wonderful experience on your island. I hope to look forward to many more calls from our company Emerald Cruises,” he said.

He presented the Tourism executives with a plaquette commemorating the ship’s inaugural visit to Nevis.

The entourage from Nevis was treated to breakfast onboard as well as a tour of the vessel.

Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley, Minister of Tourism, was unable to attend the ceremony but expressed his delight that the ship had selected Nevis as one of its first stops in the region.

“We welcome Emerald Azzurra, it’s captain, crew and guests to the pristine shores of Nevis. We are certain that you will be enchanted by our island home and we hope you make the decision to come again not just for a day but to spend some time with us exploring all that Nevis has to offer.

“Nevis is the authentic Caribbean and we hope the island will become a regular port of call for Emerald Azzurra. We look forward to welcoming you time and time again.”

Nevis is enjoying a buoyant post-COVID 2023/2024 cruise season with 52 calls, including inaugural visits from the Emerald Azzurraa and the Ritz-Carlton Evrima.

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