Enclave Resources Thrilled To Be Partnering With Nevis

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Mr. Geoffrey Folsom, CEO and owner of ENCLAVE Resources, which is a Recycling operation based in California in the USA, recently sat in an interview with Curtis Morton and expressed his joy at partnering with the island of Nevis, in a unique endeavour that should aid in achieving the goal of a healthier and cleaner Nevis.

Mr. Folsom was referring to the recently signed deal between his company and the Nevis Island administration, in partnership with the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) which will effectively, via a three phased contractual arrangement, provide more space at the Sanitary Landfill and see derelict vehicles and used equipment removed from sites across the island.

The businessman indicated that he and his partner started the operation in 1989 and they worked extensively in Northern and Southern California and have even extended their operations to other countries, including Nicaragua.

His company currently employs 45 persons.

He thanked Mr. Andrew Hendrickson of the NSWMA for making the initial contact with him and noted that once he had outlined the needs and concerns specific to waste management on the island of Nevis, they set about collaboratively to work out plans and strategies to deal with the problem.

The plan was presented to the Nevis Island Administration and the local Administration has given its full support to the proposals.

In terms of profitability to his company, Mr. Folsom stated that a major concern initially, was the huge cost for shipping the material to the USA but that has been taken care of, as it was discovered that Tropical Shipping makes regular weekly runs to and from the Caribbean and return with at least 10 to 20 empty containers.

ENCLAVE Resources has worked out a deal with Tropical Shipping for the transportation of the scrap metal and cardboard, to Palm Beach in Florida.

Once that aspect was taken care of, Mr. Folsom indicated that his company would defineitley make a profit, as they will get the waste material sold.

He indicated that phase one which will entail the clearing of the current landfill and removing all of the scrap metal there at present, will commence in September and should last for approximately 18 months.

During this phase, his company will set up offices, with he and his partner and his adult children taking up managerial roles, but will also bring in experts from the USA, to train locals in the use of the equipment and other specific roles. His company intends to employ at least fifteen locals. During this phase, the equipment needed will also be brought into the island.

Phase two will see the focus placed on clearing the island of derelict vehicles and other used equipment, such as refrigerators and stoves etc. Part of this will commence during phase two.

In this regard, Mr. Folsom is seeking the collaboration of the general public in utilizing this opportunity to rid their premises of unwanted waste material, at no cost to themselves.

He was unable to put a definite end date to this phase as he is not yet aware of the volume of material to be collected across the island.

In terms of phase three, which speaks to the sustainability of the program, Mr. Folsom noted that a regular supply of scrap metal will not always be readily available but stated that cardboard will always be in high supply.

He is however not closing out the possibility of expanding the operations to other nearby islands but pointed out that he will keep his stated commitment to Minister Brantley that the island of Nevis, will always be the priority for his company.

He appealed to the people of Nevis to work with the program and to notify his office at to what materials/ equipment they have to dispose of and his company will ensure that they are collected.

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