EPPS Confident Of Four-Peat

EPPS Confident Of Four-Peat
Coach Adelvin Phillip and the students at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School are confident that for Interprimary 2015, their school will make it four in a row as Division B champions.

The school has won the B division for the last three years and for this year; Coach Phillip wants to go even further. He intends to make a significant dent in the A division in the process.

The children are undergoing rigorous training exercises and there is also an emphasis on their diet as well.

Their confident chant is: ‘We ready!’

IWPS Quietly Confident
The Ivor Walters Primary school was the school to beat at the annual Interprimary schools event, during the early years of the competition.

Ivor Walters primary athletes
Ivor Walters Primary athletes

However, in more recent times, they have been struggling to make the top three.

This year, as Coaches Ajay Newton and Govanie Hendrickson watched the athletes run up and down the steep hill leading up to Montpelier from the direction of Brown Hill Village, they are quietly confident that their team will perform creditably this year.

They have the usual support from Sylvester Browne and some of the hard working parents.

The training is intense and even though they stopped short of making any predictions, if the confident shouts of the students are anything to go by, IWPS will be one of the schools to watch this year.

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