MACAV is the acronym for Music, Acting, Creativity and Virtues. This group of dynamic young men and women is seeking to instill positive values and ideals into the young minds on Nevis, through their varied talents in music, acting and the arts in general.
One of the members. Kareem Herbert, after visiting the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary school recently, along with the Director of Youth, Miss Zahnela Claxton, came up with the unique idea of his group engaging the EPPS team in a friendly Cricket match, after they would have done their best at their exams.
This was one time that the group probably bit off more than it could chew, because the C in MACAV, definitely does not stand for CRICKET.
The friendly match was played at the Flats in Cole Hill on Thursday 16th June.
The EPPS team batted first and mustered a competitive total of 86 from the allotted 10 overs, led by a blistering 30 plus not out by national player and coach of the school, Adelvin Phillip.
The MACAV team which comprised of players of the caliber of Captain Alex Williams; Lornel Dore; Kareem Herbert, Stephan Joseph and Irvin Pinney, then took turn a crease and somehow had great difficulty getting the ball of the square.
It came down to 50 runs required from the last two overs and with 47 runs required from the last over, Adelvin Phillip put some nine slips in place and the MACAV team was still only able to get three runs from the over.
The youngsters then duly celebrated with the well-known ‘champion dance.’
Kareem Herbert congratulated the young team and noted that it was good gesture to engage with them on such a positive note and remarked that partnerships like these will continue.
Director of Sports, Miss Zahnela Claxton, who blew her car’s horn loudly when the MACAV team struck their first boundary, stated that she was delighted at the exchange and noted that methods such as these were useful in teaching the young students positive values.

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