It came down to a mere one run required from all of twelve balls, with two wickets remaining, for the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School team to pull off a historic victory in the inaugural Runako Morton/TDC Primary School league.

They were coming up against defending champions Charlestown Primary School, at the ET Willet Park on Monday 18th July.

However, the equation was not as easy as it sounds, because in reality there was really only one batsmen standing between the two teams and a victory. That was the captain of the EPPS team, Tiger Browne and he was fortunately, for his team, on strike.

However, he was taking strike from a very wily medium pacer by the name of Rudolph Seegolam who prides himself to be like Santokie but salutes like Cotterell, when he gets a wicket.

The first ball was dot ball and Coach Phillip for the EPPS team, took a walk, muttering under his breath: ‘Ah can’t take this!’

The next delivery was much shorter and Tiger Browne pulled viciously towards midwicket and sprinted for the single.

However, there is some doubt as to whether or not he got to the opposite crease before Headmistress Pemberton, Coach Phillip and the entire EPPS entourage got onto the center of the pitch, in jubilant celebrations.

EPPS had won the coveted trophy for the first time and it was also their first time as Primary school cricket champs.

Earlier, the Charlestown Primary School won the toss and elected to bat first, but was soon in early trouble, as wickets fell at regular intervals throughout.

The only stand out batsman, was Captain Akadianto Willet who got 17.

EPPS skipper, Tiger Browne and Dinari Brandy were the main wreckers, with three wickets each.

When the EPS team batted, they too lost an early wicket and the CPS team was cock-a hoop, as their bowlers bowled in challenging areas for the opposing batsmen.

However, enter Tiger Browne and he teamed up with Khaleel Glasgow in an enterprising partnership, which saw the team looking safe at 31 for 1.

Then it happened! Glasgow was bowled by Khamarley Newton and 31 for 1, soon became 31 for 4 and there was some element of despair in the EPPS camp. However, Tiger Browne stood tall, like the cheese standing alone and even when it was a dicey 47 for 8, with some members of the lively crowd, probably taking their pressure tablets, he coolly led his team to safety.

Summarized scores: CPS 50 all out in 14.3 overs: Akadianto Willet 17; Mark Seegolam 8

Tiger Browne 3 for 2; Dinari Brandy 3 for 4; Roman Vasquez and Akeem Lewis 1 wicket each

EPPS 51 for 8 in 13.2 overs: Tiger Browne 17*; Khaleel Glasgow 12

Kenaicy Dorset 4 for 6; Khamarley Newton 3 for 12; Akadianto Willet 1 for 8

EPPS won by 2 wickets


The presentation ceremony was held immediately after the game, which was chaired by Carl Tuckett of the Sports Department. On hand to present the trophies to the deserving winners was TDC’s representative, Mr. Warren Moven, Chief Accountant of the firm.

The following top awards were announced:

Best batsman (most runs)-Kenaicy Dorset-CPS

Best bowler-(most wickets)-Tiger Browne-EPPS

Best fielder for the finals-Lyne Smithen-CPS

MVP of the finals (17 not out and 3 wickets)-Tiger Browne-EPPS

2nd place-Charlestown Primary

1st place and champions-Elizabeth Pemberton Primary

The concluding remarks were made by Mr. Warren Moven, as he gave an inspirational address to motivate the players.

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