Charlestown-Nevis-Manager of the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority, Mr. Andrew Hendrickson, is walking around with a huge smile on his face.

When asked the reason, Mr. Hendrickson noted in a recent interview, that he was smiling because the much anticipated scrap metal and card board recovery initiative, is in the process of coming to fruition.

Mr. Geoffrey Folsom, CEO and owner of ENCLAVE Resources, which is a Recycling operation based in California in the USA, has partnered with the island of Nevis, though the Nevis Island Administration, to provide a healthier and cleaner island.

Mr. Folsom who is back on island and who accompanied Mr. Hendrickson, was happy to report that the fist package of the required equipment, were recently cleared at the Long Point port.

Among the equipment that arrived on island are: A case material handler excavator which comes with a huge grabbing claw, which is capable of grabbing large pieces of metal, such as discarded automobiles and load the processing equipment, as well.

Also arriving, are ‘a very heavy duty,’ 35 ton capacity low Flap head and a tender max tractor trailer.

In more recent times a high density Bailer has also been added to the list of highly sophisticated equipment.

Mr. Folsom indicated that he was very happy that his company was able to demonstrate action and stated that the project should be fully commissioned by April of this year, complete with bailing and shipping of material off island.

The project will be carried out in three phases:

  1. The current Landfill situation, will be corrected, as all of the scrap metal and cardboard etc at the site, will be collected and effectively taken care of
  2. The project will then expand to the removal of similar items from all across the island, wherever they are located, free of cost.
  3. A proper collection system will be designed and put into action, in order to collect the scrap metal and cardboard across the island and prepare for shipping off island. This will serve to ensure that phases one and two will become obsolete, eventually.

In the meantime, an ENCLAVE office will be set up at the Landfill, but in the interim, the company will direct their administrative work, through the offices of the NSWMA.

Training in the use of some of the equipment, for example the BAILER, will also be conducted for local personnel.

Mr. Folsom noted that he was impressed with the capabilities of the local heavy equipment operators and is convinced that they will easily acquire the skills, to not only operate the baler and other equipment but also effectively learn about their proper maintenance and upkeep.

The trainer in the use of the Bailer, will be the actual gentleman who originally worked it, while in the USA.

He noted that an extensive spare parts list has also been established, in order to speedily deal with the issue of break downs.

Mr. Hendrickson and Mr. Folsom actually stated that in the upcoming months, as the project unfolds, there will several job opportunities available for locals.

Mr. Hendrickson urged the members of the general public to come on board and corporate with the requirements of the project, so that it can become a huge success, that will work to the benefit of all Nevisians and the island on a whole.

He is also predicting that within six months, Nevisian householders should be sorting waste materials, at the household level.

Mr. Folsom, for his part, stated he was really enthused about the project and its huge array of possibilities and stated that the project took just under one year from concept to the pending commissioning   of the idea.

Even though in the initial stage, at phase three, material will be shipped off to Miami for processing, he insinuated that as the project progresses, more emphasis will be placed on dealing with material at the local level, for the benefit of the locals.





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