Equipment Presented to Enhance Upcoming Primary Schools Football Tournament

Atiba Harris and Zahnela Claxton

President of the SKNFA, Atiba Harris was in Nevis on Monday to make a very significant presentation of Football equipment to enhance the upcoming Primary Schools Football competition.

The presentation, which was made at the Department of Education, was ably chaired by Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton.

Mr. Harris, in making the presentation, was quick to remind all of his listeners that his mother and grandmother were born in Nevis.

Football Equipment Presentation

He stated that he is hoping that the equipment will go a long way in ensuring that the competition is of a very high standard and indicated that the SKNFA is about developing Football within the entire federation.

He further stated that he is looking forward to seeing more Nevisians on the various national teams of all ages, in the not-too-distant future.

Miss Nichola Fraser of the Education Department, also thanked Mr. Harris for the timely donations and opined that the children will be very happy to receive them and will use them wisely and well.

Principal Education officer, in the Ministry of Education, Miss Zahnela Claxton, officially accepted the gifts from President Harris and noted that the children on Nevis are very enthused about the game of Football and indicated her confidence that the equipment will go a long way in the honing of their skills.

She also challenged Mr. Harris to make sure that he is present at some of the games, including the grand finals.

Mr. Harris vowed that he would be definitely present at the finals.

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