By:Curtis Morton

Combermere –Nevis-Ernestine France looked simply resplendent, as she sat majestically in a specially assigned chair at the Combermere Methodist Church.

The occasion was a thanksgiving service for her 90th birthday, which was held on Saturday 23rd July.

Her actual birthdate is on the 19th of May but friends and family members had to hold back on the grand celebrations until she arrived home from the United States of America, where she was spending quality time with some of her children.

The service of thanks giving was ably chaired by sister of the celebrant, Sister Janet Herbert and presided over by Rev. Telford Matthew who gave a brief sermonette, congratulating Ms. France on an exemplary life of giving to family and to the community on a whole. He also implored his hearers to take her lead and follow her example.

Family members and friends also united in paying tributes to her. Some songs and poems were also beautifully rendered in her honour.

The Hon. Patrice Nisbett was also on hand to pay tribute to the matriarch and noted that she helped in his upbringing and development in a real way and thanked her for assisting himself and his siblings, while they were going to school.

He noted that that kind of love, was extended to children throughout the neighbourhood.

Ms. France in her brief response, thanked God and her children for all that they have done for her.

The celebrations continued at the Franklyn Browne Community Center, where Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson presented a plaque and fruit basket to Ms. France, on behalf of Minister, Hon. Hazel Brandy –Williams and her entire ministry, in collaboration with the City Drug Store.

The persons present then joined the celebrant in a sumptuous feast to close out a memorable day.

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