Ettie Jeffers Becomes the Federation’s Latest Centenarian

Charlestown-Nevis-She certainly does not look like she is all of one hundred years old and she is as collective and as sharp as many a teenager.
Mrs. Artemisia ETTIE Jeffers, originally of Hickman’s Village in Gingerland, celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday 30th November, with much pomp and fanfare, and surrounded by family members, government officials and friends of the family.
The distinguished celebrant who is currently a resident of the Flambuoyant Senior citizens’ home, was resplendent in her radiant dress and signature hat.
As a matter of fact, she is so well known as a perfectionist in her dress code and matching hats, that the innovative Grace Elliot, actually created a huge hat shaped cake for the occasion.
A fairly comprehensive ceremony was held at the Flambuoyant seniors’ home, which was ably chaired by Pastor Sylvester Hebert, who is incidentally a nephew of the family matriarch.
Also taking time from his busy schedule to say a few words, was Premier Vance Amory, who noted that Mrs. Jeffers had been a supporter and mentor for him, not only when he was a Headmaster but also during his political life.
He pointed to her style of discipline, as not having been too harsh, as her children and grandchildren all came out as exemplary citizens and hinted that such discipline and training should be emulated in this modern era.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, also paid tribute to the celebrant as he noted that he interacted with her as the former Headmaster at the Gingerland Secondary school, where her grandson Ali was a student. He too lauded her for her very supportive attitude in raising her grandchild and her strong disciplinary measures.
He then presented a plaque and a fruit basket, on behalf of his Ministry, in collaboration with the City drug store.
Among others paying tribute to the celebrant were: Her son Gerard who spoke of her mode of discipline and his love for his mom; daughter Greta who also did the scripture reading; niece, Ermine Morris, who was partially raised by her; longstanding friend, Mrs. Daphne Hobson, who spoke of her dedication to church and family and the Sugar Hill string band who entertained the small gathering which included the other residents of the home, with a number of well delivered Christmas songs.
Father George delivered a brief homily and he too lauded the celebrant for her service to the church, pointing to her regularity and punctuality, even though in those early years, she walked it from Hickman’s and still got to church early, where she served in various capacities.
Son, Gerard then joined her in the symbolic cutting of the well-designed cake and then it was the moment for the great lady to make her voice heard.
She demonstrated that she was quite verbose and gave a lesson in history, in terms of her life in raising her children and grandchildren and her service within the church.
She thanked God for longevity of life and thanked all who had helped to make her birthday truly special.
Her grandson Ali, who had led out in coordinating the event, delivered the

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