The sad news made its rounds throughout Nevis on Thursday 28th December that Eustace BROTHER Wallace, had passed on to the great beyond.

Eustace was the younger brother of former Nevisian and Leewards fast bowler, Raphael Wallace and the uncle of the late youth cricketer, Philo Wallace, who passed away under tragic circumstances, over two years ago.

He was also the brother in law of the famous former test cricketer, Elquemedo Willet.

Wallace himself was a competent opening batsman at the Masters’ Cricket level and part time off spinner. He would have played at varying times for the Nevis Master’s Cricket team and the St.Kitts Masters Cricket team, in the last few years.

He also featured to some extent in body building and was a regular member of the popular Bull’s gym.

Wallace passed away during the early hours of yesterday morning-Thursday 28th December.

He has been in and out of the Alexandra hospital, within the year and eventually succumbed to the prolonged illness.

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