Eustace Nisbett Called To The Bar

By Bjorn Hanley

Charlestown, Nevis- Mr. Eustace Nisbett is the latest Nevisian to be called to the Bar of St. Christopher and Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

In a ceremony held on Tuesday, July 17 2018 at the Charlestown High Court, Nevis, Mr. Eustace Nisbett, who is originally from the village of Brown Hill, took his oath in the presence of a large gathering of family, friends and well-wishers.

Mr. Nisbett is now a barrister and solicitor entitled to practice in St. Kitts and Nevis.

On July 2017 Nisbett was officially called to the Bar in England and Wales. congratulates Nisbett and wishes him the best in his future endeavours.


Mr Nisbett’s Full Speech Addressed to the Court

My Lady

I come today with a tenor of gratitude.

This aurora marks the birth of a new era in my life and I am indeed grateful to be flanked with family and friends.

Indubitable many will conclude an occasion such as only this honorific; indeed others may conceptualize this adornment of somber attire as a show of elitism. Depending of your outlook either conclusion may have been reasonable construed but I shall disappoint them since such inexorable miasma is beyond me. Yet there is a question of veracity but I must confess that I came here determined to be an advocate for what is just.

But before I pay my debts of gratitude, I’m reminded that it’s habitual here at Bar that one should chronicle his or her voyage to this hall of justice yet I am minded that I should save you the nostalgia and offer a modest digest. I will humbly say this and no more. Like the experience of many others, mines was a passage filled with challenges and triumph, with grief and merriment. Despite all that, the experience was fascinating and in the end I have been rewarded for my toils. I am back. I am back to #8 Garden View. I am back to the place I call home.

I now turn to my ledger of debts.

Firstly my construct has been a bit refined by the text of Chitty, Lindsel and the philosophy of Hart and from the dicta of Lord Denning, Atkins, Flosiac and I’ve learned from you My lady but consider it not mere flummery My Lady, your contribution have served to fortify the jurisprudence of this region. Notwithstanding perhaps most importantly I have been further refined by Mrs. Jeannette Averil Nisbett, my mother and friend. A woman who has made countless sacrifices for me and the person who has ensured that my affairs are conducted in such a manner so as to ensure that I am regarded in a favourable light. To her I continue to pay an extraordinary ethic sum.

Indeed it was by her sufferings that I can say that I am a barrister in England and Wales and soon to be, with your blessings, an attorney of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. In an environment pregnant with hedonistic chromosomes exhumed through men with a rancid excess for victimization, my mother was no less than a thamaturge, creating and providing, even when I thought that there was no way.

Secondly my Lady, I am blinded by the beauty and glory of the stars in my family. My brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and in particular My wife and children. My lady I have been amply cautioned that I should not fail to recognize her this morning so if I may, I say many thanks to my wife for the support that she has provided over the years.

I must offer an apology for there are many others to whom I have a deep and abiding respect. Those who have never been short of encouragement, whether it be financial or by mere words. I register a caveat here my Lady, only because it would be nothing short of presumptuous of me to think that I can adequately settle my entire account without being found to have fallen foul of this simple but profound doctrine of thanksgiving. For that I beg clemency as I say to all present and to those absent, with profound appreciation, I utter perhaps the most valuable words of thanksgiving, a sincere thank you to you all.

Its no slight that I should also in thanksgiving pay my respects to our Lord and father at this time, it fits well here, he has been there proceeding and subsequently to my voyage.

Fourthly I must show my appreciation to my family and friends who have fallen during my absence. In particular my dearly departed sister Tesril, my grandmother Alice, my uncle Everette, Chantel, Sylvester and Buelah. It was my desire was for you to share with me today but the Lord had better use for good souls. May you all continue to rest peacefully.

I also want to say a special thanks you to the three disciples of law who have without hesitation accepted the task to recommend my call this morning.

Finally, I further express gratitude to the staff of this Court who thus far has been extremely hospitable and accommodating.

My Lady I have nothing else to add except to say that to be chosen as an instrument of hope and an advocate of justice is a great honor for which I’m grateful. I anticipate leaning on the knowledge of those who came before me. For as sage advice would dictate, a man who knoweth everything is either a God or a fool and the presumption must be that he is the latter. Unless I can assist the Court further, those are my submissions.



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