Exciting Fit Games Set For Nevis This Weekend

The Fit Park located at Stoney Grove, will be the venue for two exciting events that will be staged this coming weekend.

Fit Center Owner and Manager, Mr. David Walwyn, explained that the events are all a part of Caribbean Wellness week, which has a focus on maintaining good health.

September 8th is actually Caribbean Wellness day and so the two events were conceived with fitness and wellness in mind and not just mere entertainment. As a matter of fact, there will be a week of activities focusing on wellness which will climax on Friday 14th September with a SOCACIZE.

On Saturday 8th September, the Fittest of the fit competition will be held, starting at 4pm. According to Mr. Walwyn, some 15 teams have registered thus far. Each team has four members with a female as a compulsory inclusion.

Most of the teams are locally based but there are also teams coming out of Anguilla, St. Thomas and St. Croix.

The teams are comprised mainly of elite athletes and therefore will cover the entire obstacle course which will include Tyre hop; pyramid monkey bar; tyre wall; rope swing; rope climb; box jumps; tunnels etc.

The team completing the course in the fastest time and with the fewest penalties, will be declared the overall winner.

The following evening, starting at 7 pm the Mr. Physique show will be held. Mr. Walwyn equated it to a Miss Swim wear contest.

The emphasis is on the man with the best looking body and that will be assessed in terms of symmetry; definition; look; the way the person carries the body; stage presence etc.

There are 12 competitors in this show and the main disappointment for the chief coordinator, is that there is not a single local competitor involved. There are persons representing Nevis but they attend the University or work on island but are not born Nevisians.

Except for two of the competitors who are from Anguilla and St. Croix, the others are from St. Kitts and Nevis.

Both events will be held at the Fit Park, as there will be lights in place and the entrance fee per event is $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children.

One of the competitors, Mr. Lewis from Anguilla is already on island and he is confident that he will win. He noted that he has a history of Basketball and Body building and has previously won Body building competitions and Mr. Physique shows, elsewhere.

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