Extended Deadline Call for Scholarships-9 th May-24th June, 2016

The Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) advises of the
extension of its Call for Scholarships. The new deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday 24th June, 2016
(two weeks later than its initial deadline of 10th June).
Applicants are reminded of the priority areas for undergraduate studies which include:
 Optometry
 Environmental Health
 Nutrition
 Biomedical Engineering
 Occupational Therapy
 Medicine (which can only be pursued at the Medical University of the Americas)
 Chemistry
 Special Education
 Geography
 Mathematics
For further information on the application process please contact the Ministry of Health at
min.health@niagov.com or 469-5521×2022/2296.

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