False Alarm at Bank of Nevis

By :Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Staff members and customers doing business at the Bank of Nevis, on Monday 17th August, beat a hasty retreat to the exit, sometime after 8.30 am as the fire alarm sounded incessantly.
The customers generally remained on the nearby sidewalks, while the staff members for the most part, headed to the gazebo which houses the Taxi stand in Charlestown.

Fire truck on scene
Fire truck on scene

When asked if it was a fire drill, one staff member indicated that he was not certain.
Approximately a half an hour later, the Fire and Rescue officers arrived at the scene with their sirens blaring.
Traffic was diverted away from area and the Fire officers apparently used the time to assess the situation.
Later the Bank resumed service to the general public and there was a sense of normalcy to the proceedings.
One worker at the bank, who wished not to be identified, indicated that it was not a planned drill but something must have triggered off the alarm but noted that everything was well.

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