Fantastic Start to Holiday Season on Nevis

Charlestown-Nevis-The first of many Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, took place in the heart of Charlestown, on the evening of Wednesday 30th November.
It was the signature ceremony, which was held at the memorial square in Charlestown. The event which is normally hosted by the Community Development Department, was elevated to another notch, as the Youth and Sports Department, teamed up with their counterparts at the Community Development Department, to host the event.
The distinguished patrons for the evening were the husband and wife team of Steve FLAMINGO and Nola Reid. Both were lauded in a profile read by Director of Youth, Miss Zahnela Claxton, for their service to the community.
Steve FLAMINGO Reid was lauded for his contributions to the cultural art form of Calypso, from since 1974 and also for his contributions as a renowned contractor.
Nola Reid on the other hand, was lauded for her service in Education, having just recently retired, after serving as noted teacher for many years.
Also addressing the gathering, was Area representative, Mr. Robelto Hector who saluted the patron and his wife for their significant contribution to the community.
He admonished the gathering to allow God to lead out in their lives so that they could enjoy a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas season and blessings for the upcoming New Year.
Premier Vance Amory also delivered remarks and pointed to the fact that if each person takes the responsibility to act in a civil and decent manner, there won’t be an outcry about anti-social behaviour.
He advised his hearers to do the right things and live exemplary lives which will ultimately lead to a safer and happier society.
Then the show began.
Now, the scores of individuals present, really understood why that section of Main Street Charlestown had been blocked off by a huge stage, as some of the top youthful performers on the island, took center stage.
Additionally, there was ongoing narration by Miss Tamara Smithen and many singers; dancers and poets wowed the attentive audience with their varied pieces.
One such performer, who totally rocked the audience, was Teacher at the Charlestown Secondary school, Mrs. Nichola Parris who did lead vocals in the exciting rendition of ‘Silver Bells.’
In the production, captioned “Light the night,’ the group known as The LIGHT VOICES led out with most of the selections, along with the renowned Dore brothers , the boys choir under the guidance of Lanny Dore and other artistes.
The vote of thanks was ably delivered by Director at the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Meloney who in thanking the many contributors to the success of the evening, singled out Kareem Herbert and Irvin Pinney, whose brain child the event was, for special praise.
The children present were treated to light snacks and it was obvious that the huge crowd went home generally acknowledging that it was an evening well spent.

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