Farmers Grateful for Water Tanks from Ministry of Agriculture

Farmers have expressed their gratitude towards the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources after recently receiving 1000-gallon water tanks to ease the challenges caused by water shortages.

During the Media Unit’s recent farm visits, three farmers expressed gratitude for the tanks and explained how the water storage tanks help to boost food production during the dry season.

Crop farmer, Leon “Yella” Anthony of Stapleton, St. Peters expressed heartfelt gratitude while also providing a brief description of his setup.

“I want to give thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture for really helping me and providing a 1000- gallon tank so I can help increase my crop production during the hot season.

As you can see, I just installed my tank by getting an inch and a half coupling, putting it into the tank, coming out with an inch and a half pipe, breaking it down to a three quarter and then going right down to the three-quarter sub-main which will feed all the plants.

That is a plus for me during the hot season, so I have to give thanks”, he explained.

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