By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—The Commonwealth of Dominica was recently severely affected by the passage of tropical storm Erika.

Over twenty persons are reported dead, with a similar number still missing. Roads have become impassable and stores and supermarkets are running out of supplies.
Here in Nevis, many community minded individuals are seeking to assist the good people of Dominica in any way possible.

Leading the charge is the hard working team at the Youth and Sports department. Under the direct supervision of Coordinators of the department, Miss Zahnela Claxton and Mr. Jamir Claxton, a Dominica disaster relief committee has been formed.

In a meeting held on Monday 31st August, the committee met for the first time and the members came up with a number of ideas which will effectively help the folks in Dominica.

It was pointed out that clean drinking water, is an immediate priority and so the idea of the FAST FIFTEEN initiative was born.

Starting this coming Friday 4th September, members of staff of the department of Youth and Sports and committee members will congregate at the War Memorial square in downtown Charlestown with specially made boxes and will be asking everyone with whom they make contact, to donate a mere $15.00. According to committee member, Rohan Isles, persons can donate more than the requested $15.00 but should not donate anything less than $15.00.

The money will be used to purchase bottled water to be sent to Dominica as soon as possible.

The committee is also hoping that the bottling company from which the water is purchased, would match the number of bottles with an equivalent amount, as part of its contribution to the welfare of the Dominicans.

According to one committee member: “We do not know when it will be our turn, let us help as much as we can, while we can.”

The committee will also be accepting food items and other necessary items to be sent to Dominica as well.

Persons interested in rendering assistance are kindly asked to contact the Youth and Sports department, located within the Reliable Motors Complex at Bath road.

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