Female Cricket Action Goes To Hardtimes

It is now the turn of the women, according to chief organizer of Cricket games at the Hard times playing field, Michael WISE Herbert.
Having successfully concluded the VPL league, the organizers are now attempting to coordinate a female version of the said league.
The female league was originally scheduled to commence this coming Sunday-23rd June, but due to the fact that there is only one complete team ready to play, the organizers are waiting for at least one other team to show up.
According to Herbert, only the SDA Jets female team has its full quota of players and he is now attempting to get another team, comprising of persons from across the island.
In the meantime, certain coaches are available at the Hard Times grounds at afternoons from 4.30 to assist with the coaching of the female cricketers.
However, this coming Sunday-23rd June, there will be Cricket action at Hard times, as a precursor to the female league. The feature encounter will see SDA Jets females, engaging a combined female team.
Herbert also pointed out that he already has sponsors for the proposed league and there will be similar prizes for the ladies and spectators, as was the case for the men’s league.

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