Fifteen-Day Gun Amnesty Declared in St. Kitts And Nevis as Part of The Government’s Multi-Faceted Approach to Reducing Gun-Related Incidents

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts SKNIS) – Following the successful passage of the Firearms (Amendment) Bill, 2024, Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew, in his capacity as Minister of National Security, announced the commencement of a 15-day gun amnesty in St. Kitts and Nevis, effective Friday, May 10, 2024.

The gun amnesty allows persons to voluntarily surrender illegal firearms and ammunition to the nearest police station. During the May 10-25, 2024, amnesty period, persons with these illegal weapons can do so without fear of prosecution.

“You can contact any police station in either St. Kitts or Nevis, preferably the one closest to where your firearm is, and inform a police officer whether on duty or not of your intention to surrender the firearm and ammunition to that station. You can also deliver the firearm to any attorney-at-law, who must similarly contact and then surrender the firearm and ammunition to the closest police station,” Prime Minister Dr. Drew said, while further explaining that any person surrendering a firearm during this period will not be required to disclose their identity or any other information.

In this regard, the honourable prime minister made a strong and passionate plea to family members, friends and loved ones of persons who have illegal firearms to seize this opportunity presented to them through the amnesty period.

Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew

“To those who might be the partners, if you are knowingly allowing your significant other to keep illegal guns and ammunition, then now is the time to talk to them and take advantage of the gun amnesty to turn in their guns and ammunition,” Prime Minister Drew said, while reminding the public that the penalties for being caught with illegal weapons have been significantly increased.

The Firearms (Amendment) Bill, 2024, in part, increased the maximum sentence for the possession of illegal firearms to up to 40 years, with a maximum fine of EC$500,000.

Prime Minister Dr. Drew said the Government is doing all it can to facilitate persons desirous of making important lifestyle changes through legislative and policy measures. He noted that the onus is now on these individuals to make that conscious decision.

Speaking directly to the perpetrators of these crimes, Prime Minister Drew said, “After today, it is your conscious choice to whether you want to continue to carry illegal firearms and risk spending the majority of your life away from your friends and family, or will you decide to become a valued contributor and a productive member of our society and give up the life of gangsterism and guns.”

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