Fifty-Five Graduate from Inaugural Cake Decorating and Pastry Making Workshop

Charlestown-Nevis—Some fifty-five individuals comprising a wonderful mix of youths and adults, graduated from the inaugural cake decorating and pastry making class hosted by the Department of Community Development.

The impressive ceremony was held on Tuesday 21st July at the Jessups Community Center, which was the actual venue for the workshop, but which was wonderfully transformed to match the auspicious occasion.
The ceremony was ably chaired by Deputy Director of the Social Services Department, Miss Joyce Moven who warmly welcomed the packed audience.

After the invocation, delivered by Mr. Douval Ottley and the national anthem sung by all present, facilitator of the course, Mr. Sylvester Wallace, who is the Training Officer at the Community Development Department, gave a brief overview of the course. He noted that it started on Wednesday 18th March and concluded on Wednesday 15th July.
The participants were taught to make a wide variety of delicacies, every Wednesday. These included: Cookies; muffins; pies; a variety of bread; cheese cake; pizza; cakes; cake decorating; patties and raisin rolls.
He pointed out that the participants were enthusiastic and willing to learn and stated that he was happy to have been a part of such a great program.

He wished the participants well in their future endeavours.
Participant, Ms Clara Smithen then delivered two original poems which also gave an overview of the course and were both well received. One was written by Curtis Morton and the other was penned by her.
President of the Jessups Community Development Council, Miss Tamara Farrell then gave brief remarks and indicated that she was happy that the Jessups community center was chosen for such a course and noted that the participants came from all parts of the island. She encouraged more persons to get involved in such positive programs.
Participant Mrs. Vernesia Walters then blessed the audience with her beautiful voice in song and then Director of Community development Mrs. Janet Meloney delivered remarks.

She noted that the class was originally meant for twenty persons but as more persons heard about it, they pleaded to be included and she allowed them to participate.
She stated: ‘It is hoped that these classes will not only assist in personal and economic development but help to build long lasting friendships…..It was a course filled with learning, creativity and laughter.
She noted that being a Baker requires hard work and had high commendations for facilitator Mr. Wallace and also thanked the Ministry of Social development for ensuring that the course became a reality.
She also singled out the efforts of Center manager, Miss Leander Cornelius and the participants gave the hard working lady a rousing round of applause.

She also highlighted the work of some of the young persons involved in the ongoing camp refresh and noted that more programs of the same nature will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.
A picture slide presentation was done by Curtis Morton which highlighted the participants in action during the course.
A dance was presented by two members of the Jessups New Testament church of God. This was also well received.
The class response was delivered by Mrs. Dion Hanley and she gave the positive sentiments of the participants and also made a few suggestions for future courses.

The beaming participants then received their certificates and posed for photos, mainly taken by their adoring family members.
Three special presentations were made as follows;

Most motivating participant—Mr. Evan Nisbett

Most helpful participant—Miss Lucias Solas

Most creative participant—Mrs. Judy Morton

Mr. Evan Nisbett also made a surprise presentation to facilitator Mr. Wallace on behalf of the graduating class.
The vote of thanks was very well delivered by Miss Kimala Swanston and then the persons present were able to view close up the wonderful goodies on display and sample them as well.

Judy Morton--Most creative particpant
Judy Morton–Most creative particpant
Graduating class with tutor Sylvester Wallace at back in blue shirt
Graduating class with tutor Sylvester Wallace at back in blue shirt
Lucias Solas-Most helpful participant
Lucias Solas-Most helpful participant

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