Fifty-six students graduated from the Charlestown Primary School

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- It was a remarkable time for fifty-six students of the Charlestown Primary School who made their way down the aisle of the Charlestown Methodist Church, on Thursday, July 2, 2015. They were escorted by the school’s principle, Ms. Latoya Jeffers and other teachers of the learning institution

The occasion was the Charlestown Primary School Graduation ceremony for 2015, which was celebrated under the theme, ‘Reaping success through collaboration’.

The church was crowded with well-wishers, family, friends, teachers, schoolmates and proud parents of the 2015 graduating class. The ceremony was witnessed by Hon. Alexis Jeffers; Hon. Robelto Hector, area representative of St. Paul’s; Permanent Secretary of Education, Mr. Wakely Daniel; and other representatives from the Department of Education.

Chairperson, Mr. Spencer Brand

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mr. Spencer Brand, in his opening remarks encouraged the fathers to play a greater role in their child’s life. He encouraged the fathers to teach the students about the sanctity of life, and to mould them to be the best that they can be.

Mr. Brand quoted words from Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

“Your future, and the nation’s future, is in your hands, make us proud”, he concluded.

Principal, Ms. Latoya Jeffers

Principal of the school, Ms. Latoya Jeffers delivered the school’s report. Ms. Jeffers, who assumed duties as principal at the learning institution a little under one year ago, delivered her first report as a principal at the institution. She thanked the teachers for accepting her. She encouraged them to continue working together, and also to continue teaching and training the students well.

Ms. Jeffers saluted student, Cashayna James for achieving the top-girl position on the island of Nevis, and for placing third overall for the just concluded Test of Standards examinations. She encouraged her to continue to aim for the stars.

To the other graduants, she encouraged them to make the right choices, and even if they lose track to never lose hope.

She noted, “Always remember to do the right thing, keep focused, and adhere to the school song, ‘The Palm Is Gain with Effort’.

In addressing the parents, she told them that their role is greater now because the distractions will increase. She encouraged them to be the best parents they could be.

She concluded, “Thank you for making the first year as principle memorable, it was challenging but we made it”.

Education Officer, Mrs. Ermelita Elliot
Education Officer, Mrs. Ermelita Elliot

Education Officer, Mrs. Ermelita Elliot also gave remarks. Mrs. Elliot extended congratulations to the 56 graduates and principal on behalf of the Department of Education.

Mrs. Elliot encouraged the parents to give their children their full support since the transition to Secondary School is more challenging for some students more than others.

She continued, “Students, keep in your minds that the road to success has always required hard work, sweat, and sometimes tears”.

She used the opportunity to express profound appreciation to the principal, Ms. Latoya Jeffers for taking on the leadership role at the CPS. She also acknowledged the years of service given by the former principal at the institution, Mr. Kevin Barrett. She told the teachers to keep working as a team because much more is accomplished by working together.

To the class of 2015, she encouraged them to continue on a path towards further success and to always keep their goals in mind.

She commended Cashayna James for her magnificent performance and placing top-girl on the island of Nevis. Cashayna shared the title with another student from another school within the Federation, for the best performance in Social Studies.

Elliot also congratulated the top boy at CPS, Anderson Amurdan.

In closing, the Education Officer stated, “Class of 2015, as you continue your journey in education, please remain focused on your work while in school.”

Pastor Ron Daniel
Pastor Ron Daniel

The feature address was delivered by Pastor Ron Daniel. Mr. Daniel noted that it was indeed an honor to be asked to speak at the event. He stated that even though he never attended the school, it has been by far one of the most successful schools in both academics and sports over the course of its history.

He addressed those in attendance on three points: (1) We have to be willing to realize that we cannot do it alone- No man is an island, (2) We have to be willing to work with each other- More can be done together; and, (3) We have to be willing to stand with each other- Be your brother’s keeper.

The Valedictory Speech was delivered by Cashayna James.

The ceremony also saw entertainment which included a poem by Grade 3 and 4; and songs by the school choir and the graduating class. Mrs. Nicola Parris paid tribute to the graduating class in a song entitled, ‘I Believe’. Her tremendous performance brought those in attendance to their feet.

Miss Shoya Lawrence, a parent, gave the vote of thanks.

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