The crowds were in and the players were absolutely hyped. Sunday 19th February proved a big night at the ET Willett Park, as some teams battled for a spot in the FINAL FOUR.

In match one, Stoney Grove had a comfortable one to nil lead, until CCC Bath United struck home.

Later, the Stoney Grove men sealed the deal with another goal in the final quarter.

Final score: Stoney Grove 2 CCC Bath United nil

In match two, Highlight Int came up against Hard Times.

The very intense game created much excitement and CCC Bath United waited with baited breaths, hoping that the Hard Times team would lose, in order for them to qualify for the final four.

Hard Times on the other hand, had to beat Highlights in order to qualify.

To the shock of the Highlights team, a goal keeping error, saw Hard Times scoring in only the fifth minute of the game.

Ironically, with just about five minutes to go to half time, another goal keeping error saw the jubilant Highlights team, scoring the equalizer.

The match intensified as the second half got underway.

Tempers seemed to be getting itchy, but the referee did a good job at controlling the play.

Late in the second half, Sean Hanley bombed another one home, Make that 2 goals to 1, in favour of Hard Times.

The four teams make it into the final four are:

Youths of the Future; Hard times; Highlights and Stoney Grove

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