First Ever UK Girls' Football Tour of SKN!!!!

The management of the St Joseph’s Girls Football Club (London, UK) are not only good organisers but they are also visionaries. After travelling to the Federation for the first time last year, Mrs Hazel Sawyers who is of Trinidadian heritage, was impressed with the efforts being made by the St Kitts-Nevis Football Association to engage and promote girls in football on our tiny islands. Mrs Sawyers is an in-law of MBA2013 Peoples’ Choice Winner, Romaine Sawyers, who plays for the Senior SKN National Team.

She planted the idea of the tour with Verve Connections and with the management of the St Joseph’s Girls Football Club on her return and the idea has now flourished to become the first ever UK girls’ football team to tour the Federation. The team have together managed to pool their fundraising ideas, engaged the players and their families and execute all the actions that need to be done to make the tour happen. Under the direction of Carl Chappin (Manager), Tracey Kirwan (Head Coach) and Zia Yeabsley (Treasurer) they have already raised over $30,000XCD to support the tour which will ultimately benefit the Federation. They arrive in St Kitts on Tuesday June 24th for the week-long tour and will play for the inaugural Verve Connections Cup and also have a friendly against the u17s National Team.
Proposed Fixtures:
Thursday June 26th – Verve Connections Cup 7-a-side tournament – Macknight – 4-7pm
Saturday June 28th – Friendly or 4-a-side tournament in Nevis, Charlestown – 9-11am
Monday June 30th – Friendly 11-a-side SKN National U17s team – Macknight – 4-6pm



Verve Connections (VC) is a young but expanding events management company currently based in the UK led by Courtney-Isis Guishard-Pine (Director) and her mother Jeune Guishard-Pine (Trustee). VC has a keen interest in connecting young people to the history and present of St Kitts-Nevis. The origin of the MBAs coincided with Isis’s need to come up with a ‘live event’ as a business idea as part of her Events Management degree. However, now VC has established the MBAs as an annual awards event in the UK based on the achievements of young people of SKN descent. There are many young people of St Kitts-Nevis heritage who are doing well in our communities. The “Mixed Blessing Awards” was launched to acknowledge and celebrate their strengths and achievements.
As a small nation, we recognise that younger relatives are likely to have “mixed parentage” in the sense that one of their parents have no links to SKN whatsoever. Hence it was named the “Mixed Blessings Awards” to illustrate that point. Building on the saying of St Kitts-Nevis reggae artist Pepper Ranks: “small islands- big people” the MBAs intends to evidence that even though we are few, we have made a significant impact on the developments of science, arts, sports, community development and culture around the globe.

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