Charlestown-Nevis-The application process for the 2016 edition of the summer job attachment program, officially started on Monday 30th May. The deadline for applications will be Wednesday 8th June but Coordinator of the Youth Department, Miss Zahnela Claxton, is warning interested persons to apply as quickly as possible, because only the first sixty applicants will be accepted.

The program which is coordinated by the Youth Department, is now in its 13th year and  gives young people an opportunity to be introduced to the world of work in a monitored setting. This will effectively prepare them to be better equipped for their future careers.

Application forms are available at the Youth and Sports Department, situated upstairs the Reliable Motors Complex.

Successful applicants will then move on to a panel interview process then to a training workshop where they are exposed to a variety of job related topics that will enhance their awareness of the real world of work.

The final job selections will be determined by the number of available jobs and the general attitude and commitment of the participants.

Miss Claxton was quick to point out that persons will mostly be assigned to their areas of interest but stated that this is not always possible and so some individuals may end up at work places that they originally did not request.

However, she guarantees that even at such work assignments, the youthful participants will be able to mature and develop, as they prepare for their eventual career choices.

Miss Claxton urged all school leavers to apply and to do so with urgency, so that they will not be disappointed when the target of sixty is achieved.

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