Fishing Tournament Postponed

Mackay Moore

The annual Fishing tournament, hosted by the Hanley’s Road Fisher Folks Association, which was originally set for Monday 7th May, has been postponed.

According to President of the club, Mr. Mackay Moore, this was due in the main, to the inclement weather and rough sea conditions.

He however, indicated that at the nearest opportunity, once the sea conditions subside, the tournament will be held.

He is hoping to have it on the very next holiday in the month, or the Sunday prior to the holiday.

Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn, in saluting the club for their hosting of the event, noted that it has attracted persons from right across the entire island.

He also indicated that the decision to postpone the fishing tournament, was a wise one.

‘Looking at the sea conditions, it is better to be safe than sorry,’ he said.

The on land party started at about 11 am and went way into the night, with plenty of food and drinks on sale.

The main attractions were a modelling show and the drawing of the raffle, for the coveted jeep being showcased.

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