Five students graduated from the St. James’ Primary School

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- ‘Positive thoughts pave the way for positive outcomes’ was the theme for the St. James Primary School Graduation Ceremony that was held on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at the Eden Browne Church of God, Butlers, Nevis.

Surrounded by well-wishers, family, friends, schoolmates and proud parents, five graduates (5) of the school proudly made the walk down the aisle of the church.

The morning proceedings began with the Invocation and Blessing by Pastor Eric Maynard followed by the National Anthem.

Principal of the school, Mrs. Janice Richards gave the Principal’s Report. In her report she outlined the achievements of the school and the students for the year 2012-2013. She also commended the teachers for their hard work and dedication. She wished the graduating students, Zario Chumney, Aliyah Sampson, Jahian Johnson, Synovia Vaughan and Isaiah Wilkin tremendous success.

In her words of encouragement, Richard told the graduates that this is their final touchdown on Air SJPS and as they move to their connecting flights at CSS and GSS to always remember this motto, ‘Success through perseverance’. She continued, ‘the sky is your limit, don’t you ever forget it. Stay out of idle company, and if you believe it you can achieve it’.

On behalf of the Ministry and the Department of Education, Education Officer, Mrs. Palsy Wilkin gave brief remarks. Mrs. Wilkin stated that she was very proud of the St. James’ Primary School. She highlighted the ‘top boy’; Zario Chumney who benefitted from the ‘Reading Recovery Program’ and for now being able to move on to the secondary school as an independent reader.

She used the opportunity to encourage the students to do their best and to take responsibility for their own education. The Education Officer encouraged the teachers to continue to be dedicated and committed.

Mrs. Alexa Pemberton gave the Feature Address and she delivered a brilliant speech on ‘positive thinking’. In closing she said that one must ‘think positive, stay positive and be an optimistic today’.

Aliyah Sampson proudly delivered her Valedictory Speech. She received 13 Awards.

The ceremony also featured poems and songs by students of the school and the graduating class.

Ms. Kieshorna Johnson gave brief remarks on behalf of the parents.

The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Oral Brandy. Mr. Brandy is the composer of the school song for the St. James Primary School.

The St. James Primary School Graduating Ceremony was held under the patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Kennard Sampson.

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