Charlestown-Nevis- The community day for the Brown Hill Community, was held on Wednesday 25th May at the Brown Hill Community Center.

Incidentally, the building that now houses the community center, was previously used as a school for the children in the general area.

Community Development Officer Malva Rawlins and center Manager, Esmeralda Pemberton, came up with the unique idea of focusing on the old school and how things were back then.

The featured speaker for the day, was former Teacher at the school, Mr. Elmo Liburd, who elaborated on the school system in those days. He explained that the building accommodated some 300 plus students at one time. Of course, supplementary ‘classrooms’ were easily found on the exterior, under trees.

Miss Rawlins and Miss Pemberton also unearthed some historically valuable pictures which included a picture of the teaching staff way back then and pictures of some of the former students, who are now seasoned veterans in the community.

Among those passing through to view the exhibits and listen to the presentation by Mr. Liburd, were students from nearby schools and a contingent from the seniors’ group, which included former student at the school, Miss Carmen Brookes.

Everyone was amazed at the exhibition and it was a truly pleasing walk down memory lane.

The teaching staff’s picture featured: Left to right-Alford Howell; Ivor Walters; Euglenda Walwyn; James JEM Kelly; Pearline Williams-Josiah; Gerard Browne

Back—left to right-Myrtle Guishard; Eustace Huggins; Elmo Liburd

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