Football : Bath United Coach Extends Condolences

Long-serving Coach of the Bath united Football Club, Alex Claxton, has taken time out to offer sincerest condolences to the grieving family of the late President of the SKNFA, Anthony Johnson, who passed away recently.

To the family, he said: “Words cannot express how you are feeling at this time, but I hope that you will find comfort and strength in God, who is always there to comfort, even in the times of our loss.”

In paying tribute to the past President, Claxton noted that Johnson not only continued the trend set by his predecessor, President Jenkins, in developing Coaches within the federation, but he also stepped up the program to another level.

Through such training programs, Claxton has already, on a personal note, acquired his D, B and C licenses and is currently one of the educators in training.

He noted that individuals on Nevis would have benefitted from such programs and the Bath United Football Club has also benefitted because of programs put in place by Mr. Johnson.

He indicated that as an individual, he found Mr. Johnson to be quite amicable, always willing to share pleasantries and offer advice.

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