Football : Black Hat’s Place Takes Lead in Best of Three Finals

Black Hat's Place V You and Me Bar

The Clash of the shop tournament being hosted by the Bath United Football Club is in its climaxing phase.

On Thursday 24th November, the best of three finals commenced at the bath Village Playing field, with Black Hat’s place versus You and Me Bar.

Black hat’s Place took the lead early in the first half and then sunk another goal prior to the whistle for halftime.

However, the You and me Bar scored in the second half and tried their utmost to equalize, but just failed before the game was concluded.

Final score: Black Hat’s Place 2 You and Me Bar 1

Goal scorers
Black hat’s Place
Dr. Linton Liburd and Venreece Richards

You and Me Bar
Kenaicy Dorset

The date for game two is expected to be announced shortly

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