Football : Fathers Edge Non Fathers In Father’s Day Match Up

The now annual Fathers’ day match-up, was played at the Bath Village playing field on Sunday 19th June.

The fathers engaged the non-fathers in an exciting match.

It was fathers who took the early lead from the boot of Audain but that lead was short-lived, as Chris Browne soon leveled the score.

Shortly after, it was Venreece Richards who found the back of the net pushing fathers in the lead yet again. With non-fathers in the hunt for the equalizer, it was not long after that Chris Browne netted yet again making 2-2.

However, with fathers continuing to apply pressure, non-fathers caved in and conceded an own goal bringing the half-time 3-2 in favor of fathers.

When the second half started, it was quite obvious that both teams had made some tactical adjustments.

Both teams did some great defensive work, but fathers were the first to break as Omarion took on the defenders inside the box, slotted one home and leveled the scores once again. With a determined father attack, it was Dr. Linton Liburd Jr who was always in the hunt for goals, who received a cross from Venreece and pounced on it, making no mistake by putting it in the back of the net.

Non-fathers never gave up hope and it was Chris Browne with a brilliant penetrating pass for Omarion who is ever so calm, picked up the ball with a dribble and placed it past a diving goalkeeper.

At this time the scores were 4-4 with approximately 5 more minutes to go, it was fathers with a build-up consisting of dribbling and combination passes finding Dr. Liburd who went to his right, cut back on his left and slotted a left booter home making 5-4
Congratulations to the fathers who now lead 4 games to 2

Goal scorers
Dr. Linton Liburd jr 2
Jason Audain 1
Venreece Richards 1
Own goal 1

Non- fathers
Chris Browne 2
Omarion Bartlette 2

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