Football : Hardtimes Holds Out for Narrow Win Over Lodge Patriots

SKNFA action for last weekend was at the Nevis Athletic Stadium.

In game one, Hardtimes of Nevis, came up against Lodge Patriots, out of St. Kitts.

Hardtimes scored by a stroke of luck in the early exchanges, when the goalkeeper reversed towards his goal, thinking that the ball would go over the crossbar, but instead, the ball somehow got into the back of the net.

By halftime, Hardtimes was leading with a scoreline of 2 goals to nil.

Very early in the second half, Hardtimes made it 3 goals to nil and it looked as if the fat lady would make an early entrance.

However, Lodge Patriots regrouped and seized the momentum, heading into the latter stages of the game.

They knocked in not one but two goals of their own and missed out on a third, on more than one occasion.

Hardtimes, also missed out on a few chances to make it four goals up as well.

Kudos to both goalkeepers, who generally excelled, with some excellent saves.

Final score: Hard Times 3 Lodge Patriots 2

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