Football : Hot Springs Bath United Takes Care of Newtown

The Hot Springs Bath United team once again demonstrated their strength in the SKN Premier division over the weekend, securing a 2-0 victory over the Newtown team. Rocco Browne scored in the 4th minute, and Philron Lavia found the net in the 83rd minute.

Additionally, here are the match results from the SKNFA fixtures held from 13th to 16th June 2024:

Thursday 13th June 2024
Division 1 at the NBGC Technical Center

Match # 1
Fast Cash Saddlers 4 – 0 Rivers Of Living Water
Scorers for Saddlers: Kurt Mills (62nd min), Euwane Wattley (69th min), Darius Rawlins (73rd min), Saeed Hanley (90th + 3 min)
Yellow cards: Sheldon Richards (Saddlers, 60th min), Clide Morris (Rivers, 61st min)
Match Officials: Orlando Mitcham, Juniequa Matthew, Kenwin Collins, Kareem Benjamin
General Coordinator: Detroit Henry

Match # 2
Jones Group Sandy Point 1 – 0 TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles
Scorer for Sandy Point: Dequan Joseph (17th min)
Yellow card: Jaquan Rochester (Dieppe Bay, 77th min)
Match Officials: David Phipps, Makeyla Audain, Jevian Archibald, Sanchez Bass
General Coordinator: Shaun Simon

Friday 14th June 2024
NBGC Premier Division at Warner Park Football Stadium
MFCR United Old Road Jets 3 – 0 Rams Village Superstars
Scorers for Old Road: Geovannie Lake (60th & 64th min), Tiquanny Williams (90th + 5 min)
Yellow cards: Raheem Rogers (Village, 13th min), Omarion Liburd (Old Road, 35th min), Tiquanny Williams (Old Road, 90th + 6 min)
Red Card: Kendale Liburd (Old Road, 90th + 1 min)
Match Officials: Hakeem Harvey, Tyra Wilkinson, Juniequa Matthew, Shandor Wilkinson
Referee Assessor: Stewart Rawlins
General Coordinator: Shanwa Broadbelt

Saturday 15th June 2024
NBGC Premier Division at Warner Park Football Stadium

Match # 1
Azul Cayon Rockets 4 – 0 SKELEC Garden Hotspurs
Scorers for Cayon: Devontay Carty (5th & 35th min), Mervin Lewis (60th min), Vinceroy Nelson (71st min)
Yellow cards for Cayon: Xavier French (45th & 62nd min), Kejorn Wattley (67th min), Shaqkeem Butler (80th min)
Yellow cards for Spurs: Rakael Allen (4th min), Kalani Heyliger (18th & 23rd min), Steve Archibald (23rd min), Ahmad Nicholls (23rd min)
Red cards: Kalani Heyliger (Spurs, 23rd min), Xavier French (Cayon, 62nd min)
Match Officials: Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, Makeyla Audain, David Phipps
Referee Assessor: Troy Mills
General Coordinator: Lydia Hanley

Match # 2
Honda Newtown United 0 – 2 Tropical Blossom Hot Spring Bath United
Scorers for Bath: Rocco Browne (4th min), Philron Lavia (83rd min)
Yellow cards: Jeremy Richards (Bath, 5th min), Kevon Browne (Newtown, 34th min), Jalden Myers (Bath, 59th min), Carlos Bertie (Newtown, 64th min), Yusuf Saunders (Newtown, 90th min)
Match Officials: Sanchez Bass, Jaden Rouse, Jevian Archibald, Kareem Benjamin
Referee Assessor: Kendrea Tully
General Coordinator: Cassandra Otto

Sunday 16th June 2024
NBGC Premier Division at Warner Park Football Stadium

Match # 1
Development Bank St. Peters 4 – 1 Trafalgar Southstars
Scorers for St. Peters: Aiden Nurse (16th min), Tyquan Terrel (26th & 63rd min), Jayan Duncan (31st min)
Scorer for Southstars: Akanye Samuel-Francis (47th min)
Yellow cards for Southstars: Malique James (45th + 1 min), Steven Thompson (52nd min), De Ashaan Hewlette (55th min), Courtney Nisbett (90th min)
Match Officials: Trevester Richards, Lenroy Parris, Yohan Nieuenkirk, Sanchez Bass
Referee Assessor: Lloyd Rouse
General Coordinator: Jamara Stevens

Match # 2
S L Horsfords St. Pauls 1 – 0 Sol Island Auto Conaree
Scorer for St. Paul’s: Jovaughn Leader (90th + 2 min)
Yellow cards: Shawn Martin (Conaree, 19th min), Jovaughn Leader (St. Paul’s, 21st min), Omar Francis (St. Paul’s, 47th min), Anthony Grant (Conaree, 62nd min), Ordell Flemming (St. Paul’s, 62nd min), Keondre Maynard (Conaree, 71st min)
Red cards: Philson Wattley (Conaree, 90th + 1 min), Kalonjie Clarke (St. Paul’s, 90th + 1 min), Jazzil Francis (Conaree, at the end of the match)
Match Officials: Kareem Benjamin, Mario Parry, Tyra Wilkinson, Kimbell Ward
Referee Assessor: Stedroy Douglas
General Coordinator: Shaun Simon

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