Football : Jamir Claxton -Proud of Achievement by Sugar Boyz

Manager of the St. Kitts-Nevis Sugar Boyz team that represented the Federation in the recently held Gold Cup qualifiers, Jamir Claxton, stated in a recent interview, that he was proud of the achievements of the team.

He pointed to the fact that beating the teams in the preliminary stage, was unprecedented and a major accomplishment—actually historic.

To put the accomplishments into perspective: The Sugar Boyz beat Curacao and French Guiana, two of the region’s top teams, in the preliminary stage and qualified for the group stage, for the first time ever.

In terms of the group stage of the competition, he insisted that he was still proud of the way the team members acquitted themselves, against tough opponents in the USA, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

He indicated that a lot of the players in that stage, are full-time professionals, while for the most part, the members of the SKN team, work for their daily living outside of Football.

He is confident that his team learned a lot through the experience and would even do better next time when they again get to that level of competition.

He made reference to the other members of the team set up from Nevis:
Masefield Nisbett-Trainer
Dr. Duanna Pemberton-Jeffers-Team doctor
Leroy Sweeney-Equipment manager

He was also appreciative of the warm welcome the team received on returning home and for the continued support and encouragement received, while overseas.

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