Football Results Of SKNFA Matches Played Tuesday 11th July 2023

(Delroy Jeffers)
Premier Division
At Newtown Playing Field

Match # 1 @6;30 pm

St.Peters Vs S L Horsfords St. Pauls United
(Half-time score 1 – 1)
Final Score 1 – 1

Scoring for St. Pauls
Diandre Challenger 30th min

Scoring for St. Peters
Kareem Simmonds 43rd min

Yellow cards
Keithroy Freeman (St. Pauls) 89th min
Davian Harvey (St. Peters) 90th min
Uzal Hodge (St. Pauls) 90th+3 min

Match Officials: Jermaine Wickham, Delroy Jeffers, Jason Audain & Jody Walters
General Coordinators: Troy Mills/ Lydia Hanley

Match #2 @ 8:30pm

H E Garden Hotspurs VS Fast Cash Saddlers United
(Half-time score 1 – 0 in favor of Garden Hotspurs)
Final Score 1 – 1

Scoring for Garden Hotspurs
Raceem Thomas 7th min

Scoring for Saddlers
Trevor Hanley 61st min

Yellow card
Steve Archibald (Spurs) 80th min

Red cards
Javiah Rubaine-Phipps (Saddlers) 90th min
Steve Archibald (Spurs) 90th min

Match Officials: Stedroy Douglas, Kenni Martin, Alexis Joseph & Tyrone Nisbett
General Coordinator: Dexter Tyrell / Jason Mc Koy

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