Football SKNFA Results – Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd August 2023

(Delroy Jeffers)
Monday 21st August 2023

SKNFA Super 6 Playoffs
at the SKNFA Technical Center

Match @ 7 pm

Flow 4g Cayon Rockets Vs MFCR United Old Road Jets
(Half-time score 0 – 0)
Final Score 0 – 1 In Favour of MFCR United Old Road Jets

Scoring for Old Road
Tiquanny Williams (pk) 77th min

Yellow cards
Jayan Duncan (Cayon) 45th min
Jahnyah Gumbs (Old Road) 49th min
Tiquanny Williams (Old Road) 62nd min
Clyde Mitcham (Cayon) 64th min
Malique Roberts (Cayon) 70th min

Match Officials – Sanchez Bass, Yohan Nieuenkirk, Kenni Martin & Kimbell Ward
Referee Assessor – Garfield Virgo
General Coordinator – Diane Browne

Tuesday 22nd August 2023

SKNFA Super 6 Playoffs
at the SKNFA Technical Center

Match #1 @ 6:30 pm

Rams Village Superstars Vs Newtown United
(Half-time score 1 – 2 in favour of Newtown United)
Final Score 2 – 2

Scoring for Newtown
Keon Battice 2nd min
Yohannes Mitchum 16th min

Scoring for Village
Kimaree Rogers 36th min
Denis Fleming 54th min

Yellow Cards
Kevon Browne (Newtown) 14th min
Kimronn Browne (Newtown) 53rd min
Jahbari Isaac (Newtown) 63rd min
Dillon Caines (Village) 69th min
Levanje Liburd (Newtown) 77th min

Match Officials -David Phipps, Mario Parry, Ulinda Warner & Hakeem Harvey
Referee Assessor – Lloyd Rouse
General Coordinator – Kevin Gerald

Match # 2 @ 9:00 pm

S L Horsford’s St. Pauls United Vs Sol Island Auto Conaree
(Half-time score 1 – 1)
Final Score 1 – 1

Scoring for Conaree
Errol O’loughlin 2nd min

Scoring for St. Paul’s
Nicquan Phipps 17th min

Yellow Cards
Omar Francis (St. Pauls) 59th min
Rendell Theodule (Conaree) 79th min
(Conaree Coach) Alexis Richards 87th min
Jovaughn Leader (St. Pauls) 89th min

Red card
Tijani Fahie (Conaree) 90th min

Match Officials – Kareem Benjamin, Delroy Jeffers, Austin Bart & Trevester Richards
Referee Assessor – Steadroy Douglas
General Coordinator – Cyril Ible

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