By:Curtis Morton

Webbe’s Ground-Gingerland-Scores of individuals showed up at the ZION Chapel, located at Webbe’s ground, on Independence Day-19th September, after news broke of an amazing incident which occurred in that vicinity, the previous night.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that shortly after the conclusion of the Independence drag race, which was held at the St. James’ raceway, one vehicle which was obviously going at terrific speed, literally flew into the now abandoned previous church building, used by the worshipers at the Zion Chapel. They are now relocated to a brand new building which is adjacent to the old one.

According to reports, the driver and his three passengers, literally flew over a thick patch of CLAMECHERRY trees close to the old building and the vehicle struck forcefully into the roof section of a portion of the building, tearing it open.

There were no immediate reports as to whether or not the car overturned after that.

Amazingly, the four occupants came out of the vehicle alive and after precautionary checks at the Alexandra hospital were completed, they were released to go home.

It is understood, that the vehicle may have touched off a portion of the wall of the fencing to the home of the late Carlisle Hobson and the driver lost control.

The car then may have hit on a dirt mound just ahead of the trees, which served as a spring board, similar to the effect of a long jumper and that sent the car flying through the air.

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