Four New Students Receive Scholarship Awards from the Alexander Hamilton Scholarship Fund

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- Another year and another significant ceremony, signaling the fact that four new students would be the recipients of the prestigious Alexander Hamilton scholarship awards.

The ceremony which was chaired by Director at the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Meloney, was held at the grounds of the Alexander Hamilton Museum, on Friday 8thy January.

The much anticipated tea party that normally accompanies the presentation of new scholarship holders commenced at about 4.30 pm with a prelude of music presented by well-known local musician, Miss Janice Nisbett.

She also played the national anthems of both St.Kitts and Nevis and the United States of America, after which the invocation was rendered by Education Officer Mr. Shefton Liburd.

Welcome remarks were delivered by Mrs. Meloney who opined that due to the fact that the entire afternoon’s proceedings would focus on the life and achievements of Alexander Hamilton, she hoped that it would help to foster a sense of motivation to all and result in positive life changes.

Community Development Officer Miss Tracey Parris presented the annual report on the progress of the scholarship fund.

She indicated that the fund was established in 1966 by the Trott family to assist deserving students at the secondary school level, with uniforms; fees and school supplies. The fund is administered by the Ministry of Social Development; Community Development Department; Youth and Sports and Culture, in collaboration with the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS).

She noted that there were 19 students in January 2015. Three exited in July after completing their secondary education. These students acquitted themselves well.

She however, noted that some of the students have not worked at upholding the integrity of the fund. She admonished them to make amends during this year and exemplify the work ethics of Alexander Hamilton.

Executive Director of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS), Mrs. Evelyn Henville, also delivered brief remarks. She used the opportunity to highlight the fact that Alexander Hamilton was a Nevisian who became one of the greatest American states men and whose achievements have helped to make Nevis known to the rest of the world.

She noted that TIMES MAGAZINE has just released a special 96 page edition on Hamilton which when read would make anyone proud to be a Nevisian.

She read a section of the magazine which highlighted ‘Nevis the tropical paradise.’

Brief remarks were also delivered by Mr. Leandre Dyer, former scholarship holder, who admonished the new scholarship holders to ‘be humble, work hard and in everything you do-put God first. Don’t settle for less because greatness lies within you.’

The featured speaker for the day was the dynamic and youthful Mr. Rol’J Williams who at age sixteen is already making waves locally and regionally, as one of Nevis’ finest sons.

He spoke to the new awardees and focused on a poem written by Millicent Byron, entitled ‘A young Alexander’ which he found in a book written by Joan Robinson which focused on the life of Alexander Hamilton.

He urged the awardees to think of Alexander Hamilton’s upbringing through difficult times and with limited resources and compare themselves in their current situation with all of the technological advances etc.

He stated that they would need to start NOW to plan towards what they want to achieve in the future. “It all begins at home,’ he stated.

‘The way you represent yourselves within the community and at school would have an impact whether positive or negative,’ he said.

He promoted a six step plan for success:

  • Understanding the problem-strategic planning and enforcement
  • Devising a plan-collaborating with all
  • Executing plan-involving all key stake holders
  • Assessing all results
  • Devising new plan where the original plan failed
  • Reap the benefits of the plan

He told the awardees to think of themselves as not LUCKY but DESERVING.

‘Cherish this scholarship as you would cherish your $600.00 US I-phones,’ he said.

Interspersed with the speeches were some dynamic cultural presentations which included the Red Cross and Johnny Walker groups, both superbly coordinated by the Nevis Cultural development Foundation (NCDF).

The scholarships were then presented to the awardees by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow.

The four new awardees for 2016 are: Beyonce James and Thyreece Daniel of the Charlestown Secondary School and Donte DaCosta and Bquanya Lanns of the Gingerland Secondary School.

Immediately after the presentation ceremony, the dozens of persons present partook in the sumptuous tea which was provided this year at a cost of $20.00 EC.

The tea party is one of the ways in which monies are raised to supplement the fund.

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