NEVIS, WEST INDIES – March 8, 2016 – From June to October, the beaches of Nevis come alive with the scurrying of one of nature’s most beloved creatures, the sea turtle. Celebrating the 10th Annual Sea Turtle Weekend, Four Seasons Resort Nevis and the Sea Turtle Conservancy are continuing their partnership to educate and create awareness about the protection of these beautiful sea creatures. From July 15 through 18, 2016, visitors to the Resort and Nevisian residents can take part in the annual turtle release ceremonies and watch as the sea turtle make their journey back to the Caribbean Sea.

July 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Sea Turtle Weekend and Four Seasons Resort Nevis and the Sea Turtle Conservancy are welcoming turtle lovers to join the Sea Turtle Art Contest. For a chance to win a three-night stay at the Resort, artists and conservationist are invited to submit an original artistic design depicting sea turtles through the Resort’s Facebook page. One design will be selected based on creativity, turtle imagery and simplicity, and the winner, along with a guest, will be flown to Nevis to partake in Four Season Resort Nevis’ Sea Turtle Weekend. The winning design will also be placed on T-shirts, and all profits will go to the Sea Turtle Conservancy to continue to raise awareness for the protection and education of sea turtles.

Three species of sea turtles nest on the shores of Nevis: the Hawksbill, the Leatherback, and the Green turtle. These majestic creatures journey hundreds of miles each nesting season to return to the same place where they were hatched and, under the glow of the moonlight, lay the next generation of sea turtles that will one day make the same journey. With only one in 1,000 to 10,000 baby sea turtles surviving to adulthood, it’s important for the sea turtle conservation program to continue tracking and protecting these animals for future generations.

Each year the program helps researchers study the migration patterns of endangered sea turtles that nest on Nevis’ beaches. Four Seasons Resort Nevis sponsors two GPS satellite transmitters annually to help the Sea Turtle Conservancy track the migration patterns of sea turtles that return to Nevis to lay their eggs. Guests will help spot nesting Sea Turtles with Four Seasons and the Sea Turtle Conservancy, under the guidance of local Nevis Turtle Group, who keeps a close watch on turtle activities and protects nesting sites throughout the season. Once a sea turtle is found and finishes nesting, the volunteer group will bring the turtle back to the Resort, where it will be fitted with a satellite transmitter and released into the sea the following morning.
To date, 17 hawksbill turtles have been released since the start of the program in 2006. The most recent Hawksbills from Nevis were named Luna and Millie, they were released in July of 2015. Following the culmination of each annual Sea Turtle Weekend at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, guests can follow the progress of the sea turtles as they travel around the region from Nevis, visit

Located on the western coast of the island of Nevis, Four Seasons Resort Nevis is the only Four Seasons in the Caribbean, delivering superior service in a breathtaking setting. Offering a luxurious haven for an authentic and captivating experience for every guest, the Resort is consistently ranked among the top destinations in the world by travellers and travel experts. Since its opening, Four Seasons Resort Nevis has received numerous accolades, including the 2016 AAA Five Diamond Award.  Follow the Resort on social media at @FSNevis. For more information, please visit

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