Four Seasons Staff Plant Bougainvilleas in Commemoration of Earth Day

Charlestown-Nevis—Mrs. Khamiya Parris and staff members of the kids for all seasons department, at the Four Seasons Resort on Nevis and staff members of the Landscaping department, teamed up on Saturday 22nd April, to plant 13 bougainvilleas close to the main entrance of the prestigious Resort.
The colours of the bougainvilleas planted were pink and purple.

Mrs. Parris took time out to explain that the significant tree planting ceremony, was the Four Seasons way of recognizing and supporting the world wide observance of Earth Day, which was commemorated on that same day.

She indicated that national event is held worldwide each year, to demonstrate the acknowledgement of efforts towards saving our environment.
She also gave some historical background as to the celebration of Earth Day which was founded by Gay Lord Nelson in 1970 and is celebrated each year on April 22nd and is observed in more than 193 countries.

She took time out to thank the Four Seasons staff members for participating in the symbolic and meaningful event and also thanked Miss Sharlene Martin of the Communications department of the Ministry of Social Development, for providing video coverage of the ceremony.

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